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Midnight Talk
Friday, 31 March 2017 | 0 Comments

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Hey there lovelies and assalamualaikum ! Yeap i'm coming back at this middle of night bcs I don't know what to do bcs I can't sleep . Furthermore , I got no roommate so why not I'm updating my blog right ? Haha . Ok this one gonna be some chill & cool post bcs I just wanna post some random talk ? Or mybe some random opinion ?

Ok , I don't know why but suddenly I just wanna talk about a guy . Hahahahaha for the first time mybe I talk about a guy in my blog ( k tak fafa sembang jer . ni dah kali ke berapa actually ) . It start like this . Did u gais ever heard some people talk like this ;

" If you want to find your life partner , find someone that has opposite of your character so that you can complete each other . "

Yeah something like that . Mybe not the same one but org pnggil iras-iras gitu . If u gais never heard of this words , okayh nvermind . I give u gais one example . K jap ttiba rasa nk pitam while typing this post hahahahaha . Actually I didn't get a nice sleep schedule so yeah whatsoever . K continue back . Cth lahkan , if u seorang yg pemalas , then ur partner jugak seorang pemalas , can u imagine when u gais stay in one house , what will happen if both pemalas ? U gais can imagine how ur house gonna looks like . Kalau korang kaya , ok that is just a small matter sbb boleh upah bibik smpai 10 org kan hahahha . Takpun , second example kay . If you seorang yg baran , then ur partner pon baran jgk , can u guess what happen if korang get in a big fight with each other . idk how it will be bcs aoi dgn api , hnya akan lgi mmburukkan keadaan jer but if api dgn air , api tu akan terpadam . Yeah gitu thats what I nak cuba smpaikan hahahahahah .

In life , bila kita ada partner yg opposite character dgn kita is good , bcs that how we complete each other ! Bknnya dgn carik partner yg acah2 perfect tapi NOTHING GAIS . Sembang manis lebih tapi effort tah kemana . One more quotes that I love is something like this la ( not exactly the same one );

" Nak cari yang perfect sampai bila2 pon kita tak jumpa sebab istilah PERFECT tu tak pernah wujud pon . Perfect relationship is when two person that love & take care each other & accept flaws each other . "

I talk all this bkn lah nak ckp " Oh my love story is the perfect one . " Its a BIG NO . Actually , I've been facing many times when I brokenhearted , ditingglkan just like that padahal kita dh put too much effort in that relationship . In every relationship tht I had , they taught me something that I can learn from it .

And yeah now , I met this one guy . Still in process to get know each other in sha Allah haha . ( poyo siot ayat cliche nak mampus ) . Basically , I jenis yg sgt low confidence , ssah nk ckp dgn org yg baru kenal & not too friendly I guess ? While this guy is soooooooo talkative , sgt friendly , got a high confidence dlm diri dia & easy to make friends with people around him wlaupon baru kenal . So bila dgn dia , I always be like " eh tknaklah , seganlah , malulah . " Yeah that  is typically me . Then dia akan be like " Its okayh . Just go ahead and ask that person . Don't be shy . " Tapi mostly , dia yg akan take over like I akan bnyk diam and learn from him . He is so easy to deal with and I'm the complicated one here hahahah . well to me , it helps me a lot sbb when with him , I don't need to worry about anything . Feel safe gitu HAHAHAHAHHAHAH ( fafa membongak ) . When I'm away from my family , I depend on him a lot bcs bila dkt tmpt public , my self confidence is very low and sng panik so when I'm with him , I feel much more better kot sbb when I need some help then I akan ada someone to rujuk gitu . Actually we got like a few more different characters but that just gonna be the secret between both of us huhu . Towards that guy , thank you for coming into my life hewhew .(manisnya ayat fafa)

But no offence , my friends smua pon so nice and easy to contact with when I need helps . It just that when u meet someone from opposite gender , and feel comfortable with that person , it is not wrong . Idk why bila some malaysian be like " ohh diorg msti couple kan " bila nmpk one guy and one girl lepak together , pergi study sama2 . boleh jer nk brkwn dgn opposite gender right tak smestinya nk kwn dgn opposite gender jer msti kena couple lols .

Okayh all this IS JUST MY HONEST OPINION . DEEP FROM MY HEART . NO OFFENCE . If u gais don't like it , then its okayh . Lain org , lain pendapat dia , lain pemandangan dia . I'm okayh with that . I'll end this post here so thank you for reading my midnight merepek merapu post ni . May all of u have a nice day ahead ! Lots of love , Farisa .

p/s : I can't wait for tomorrow sbb I got a date with him HAHAHAHAH K SILLY ME Ohya gais , pliss pray for me & my friends sbb skrg tgh musim final exam and my next paper is FIZIK which is the second-most-terrifying-paper to me . Doakan smoga dipermudahkan sgalanya in sha Allah aamiin .

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