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Starting my sem 2 VERY SOONNN !!!
Friday, 25 November 2016 | 0 Comments

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Yeah , there u go . U can see how shock/excited/sad/angry & blabla for me because tak lama lagi I dh masuk bljr utk sem 2 plak . K before that , assalamualaikum & hi everyone  who is reading this post haha . It has been a long time ago since my latest update for this blog . I'm quite busy with books , assignments , eating & SHOPPING ! Hahahah yeah its true . Sejak dduk Johor ni , mcm2 benda yg dipelajari & termasuk mengenali manusia2 yg mnyakitkan hati hahaha . K taknak ckp psal bnda tu bcause I HATE IT SO MUCH . It was the most things that i hate during my first semester . So as u know , I was study at UiTM Pasir Gudang , course Civil Eng . In one more week , I dh kena balik sana & daftar utk semester 2 . Oh come on . How fast time flies is it ? I still remember the first day jejakkn kaki dkt uitm tu . That time , I was freaking nervous & sad . Yerlah first time kot berjauhan mcm tu sekali dgn family . Bukannya utk jangka masa pendek . Yeah I admit that I mmg anak manja in the family bcause at home , there was only me & my lil bro .What I want , I'll get it kahkahkah . K tu tak penting . However , I feel glad & thankful sbb for my past final exam semester 1 , kesemua subject yg I ambil lulus tapi pointer takdelh tinggi smpai dpt dekan kan hahaha . So , it a good start utk semester 2 plak nnti . Actually time nk tunggu result final exam semester 1 tu risau gak bcause i'm not score well for calculus & physics . Alhamdulilah , dedua pass . If not , I'm sure i'm gonna be dead hahahah . 

Talk about sem 2 , I'm quite worry when thinking about WHO GONNA BE MY NEW ROOMATE ? My ex roomate ( semester 1 ) who is Syida , gonna move out & stay with her other gangs bcause dia dpt jwatan utk kolej . Screw me bcause I'm already feel good & comfort stay with her as a roomate . I wish that I can get someone like her , yg penting , pembersih , hati sado ( sbb I ni mulut main lepas jer bila brckp ) , perangai gila2 & jaga solat hahaha . Okayh let pass it on haha . Well what i hope for my next semester , my pointer getting high , my laziness decreases , having the great moments with my classmates , and no more BULLSHIT team member . Opps hahaha . ( I tak maksudkan Thea , Haifa & Zati , u guys are great )
Thats all from me . I'll update one more post next week bfore I'm going back to Johor . Take care everyone & have a nice day ! Love u all .

Here , I put some of my photos with my new classmates & housemates . xoxo .

Classmates ( J4EC1101C )

 Again ..... classamates . I love the girls . xoxo .

My fav housemates & roomates . 4/8