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Saturday, 2 March 2013 | 0 Comments

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hey and assalamulaikum guys. :(
this morning i'm stay alone at the home.don't know what to do then i open up my lappy and log in twitter.hmm teringat balik apa yg wani citer kat skolah farisa pon prgi lh stalk sat acc twitter eherm2.k fine apa yg wani story tuh betul.tapi farisa tau all of that is just a lie!even dah nk dkat setahun ,but i still can't forget him!Like what nisa say,"kau ni konfem kena santau ngan dia smpai kau tak boleh lupakan dia"haha.hmm maybe.yeah dia mmg farisa syggggg sgt2 tapi bila teringat balik what he do towards me,bitch it hard to forget and make me cry again and again.kwn sendiri kot.kwn baik lagi tuh mse skolah rendah dlu.its okeyh,dia mmg 100000 lebih lawa drpd farisa.Redha jerlh.Lagi pun farisa mmg x reti jge boyfreenn sendiri kan smpai bole kne songlap ngan org lain.hmm k finee.

I want to give him another chance but,i'm scared that if i getting hurt again! FYI,all the twetts i make is for you and i'm still love u.I'm try to forget u but i can't.I'm try to hate u but i can't.Silly of me. :'(

that's all from me,sincerely.I love u. :*

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