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Hey Boy
Thursday, 25 January 2018 | 0 Comments

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ATTENTION . No , this is not some stuff like a sweet appreciation post about my bf or whatever (I'll post that later ) . It just a random short story .

Once upon a day , there is this one guy who is very tall , has a fair skin and look like a nice guy .
He came in and try to suit himself with his new environment .Later on , everyone is his friends . He is easy to be approach by anyone .
He got his own aura that make everyone feel comfortable with him . His laugh and his jokes make the whole people feel happy . He said , to him , by making other people feel happy , he forget all the pain that he going through with . He had a nice kind heart that not everyone can see it . He never expect anything from anyone . He respect everyone that he knows .
He always try to give the best for everyone and also to the person that he loved . He doesn't want everyone know what trouble that he is going through with because he doesn't want people to feel pity on him . To him , his family and friends is everything to him . 
Deep down in his heart , he also want to feel love and be loved like everyone else . He kept all his feelings as a secrets from anyone bcs he feel like he got no chances to show and express it . But still , he want his voices to be heared .

Well , he doesn't know that there is this one girl who always watched him from far away . She doesn't want to be obvious but she knows that deep inside her heart , she actually fall in live with his kindness . She deny it because she is too afraid that she might get hurt again . At the same time , her heart is owned by other boy . Day by day , she always pray may that the boy always be in a good health condition whenever the boy was sick . She doesn't want the boy knows everything about her so she kept everything in her heart . After a while , the boy finally confessed to the girl
and the girl was extremely happy . But , something disturb her from being honest with the boy . She deny all the feelings that come and finally rejected the boy . She knows that the boy really love her but she can't . She feel the love and saw the effort from that boy but she can't .
A few months later , she read back all the conversations of her with the boy and she noticed that the boy has changed . She miss the old boy but she knows , he had changed bcs of her . She kept look at the picture of that boy bcs she miss him but she can't anything . It bcome a routine everyday .

She pray to God , may the boy was always be bless , be happy , healthier and be with someone that who truly love him . She knows that someone else more deserve for his love . Not her .

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